About Us

London eyeAIM Partners is a global third party marketing specialist of alternative funds.

AIM Partners’ mandates are from fund providers to raise institutional and private capital globally.

We carefully select the funds which we market across the full spectrum of hedge fund strategies. Our long-established relationships and consultative style with our investors allows us to efficiently raise capital on behalf of the funds we represent.

Our Activity

  • Market Positioning – identify and  target relevant prospective investors.
  • Review and assistance with preparation of marketing approach.
  • Targeting of specific investors: For each our fund providers,  we approach and maintain a dialogue with a range of investment organisations which best fit with the strategy
  • Our marketing style reflects the depth of our long-standing relationships with our investors.
  • We establish initial interest in the monitoring the manager.
  • We effect formal  introduction to investors via  1 on 1 investor meetings.
  • Ensure best use of fund representative’s time by ensuring meeting with most relevant investors.
  • Provide feedback to manager.
  • Support the follow-up process.
  • Maintain contact during due diligence  and review process
  • Assist in implementation of investment.
  • Ensure ongoing satisfaction with manager.