We identify with:

  • Managers with a differentiable or unique approach to their investment strategy.
  • Investment teams of a high pedigree, proven performance and established track record.
  • Alpha rather than Beta driven strategies with a low correlation to traditional markets.
  • A high degree of transparency and professionalism.
  • Managers who invest in niche areas.
  • Highly diversified portfolios with a good balance of long and shorts where alpha is not only delivered through directional moves in the market.
  • Those managers who measure and manage all aspects of their risk and where risk is central to the investment discipline.
  • Managers who communicate effectively with their investor clients.

How we add value

  • Our understanding of our investors and their manager selection process ensures that we choose the most relevant funds.
  • From the initial introduction to the investment phase, we act as a support throughout the relationship with the investor.
  • Our local market knowledge helps funds to adapt their marketing approach.
  • We assist funds with creating bespoke products such as Ucits for onshore investors.
  • Our regulatory knowledge expertise helps to add value as hedge funds establish their investor base in different countries.

Funds we are currently working with include:

  • An Insurance Linked Strategy including a Cat Bond fund
  • Global Distressed Debt & HIgh Yield Credit
  • Emerging Markets Discretionary Macro Volatility Trading
  • Discretionary Currency manager
  • Managed Futures – Short and Long-Term HIgh Frequency Trend Followers
  • European Long/Short Equity