AIM Partners provides the following services:

Pre-marketing preparation – We review current market positioning, taking into account the market conditions, advise on fund’s structure, fees, assist in preparation and adaptation of marketing materials

Initial research of the market on behalf of funds we represent. We develop and compile a bespoke list of target investors whose objectives are compatible with a particular fund strategy.

We initially perform soft-marketing which always includes some test meetings with a range of institutional and family office investors.

In the format of a road-show we set up introductory investment meetings and additional review meetings during the monitoring phase. We assist in the due diligence process by regularly liaising with the investors and identifying any potential issues or lack of transparency.

Post-investment, we assist in the review process by liaising with the investor on a regular basis. We convene additional meetings to promote further allocations.

Investor Relations – we assist funds by helping them to develop their investor relations strategy. We inform prospects of ongoing development of fund including distribution of reports. Our services allow managers to focus on investing.

Advisory and Consultancy – Fund and market planning, structuring, terms and documentation, marketing strategy and implementation, and ongoing due diligence assistance.

Communications – We share detailed feedback from investors, update the manager with a sales pipeline as well as provide the manager with regular reports. Our dedication to building long-term relationships with our investors is key to our business.